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About Bourseaux

Bourseaux - is a family- as well as a company's name and therefore program:

The name stands for a traditionally family-run company, that has been growing in the textile industry for over 50 years. Initially Harald Bourseaux produced fashionable fabrics for the clothing- and upholstery industry in his own weaving mill.

As in the 1970s the Japanese textile market became more interesting for Europe he entered the import business und laid the foundation for one of the most successful distributors with Asian manufacturing countries in the textile trade.

For more than 30 years Bourseaux is trend-setting in the area of structural- and woven fabrics as well as nappa and suede imitations.

The broad, constantly-growing experience and excellent contacts to all major producers of Asian manufacturing countries make Bourseaux to your reliable partner. Long-lasting coherent co-operations are the basis to guarantee the high quality standards.

Since the of the end of the 1990s Harald Bourseaux is increasingly present in the Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese market together with his two sons. In addition to Asternet/Belgium a second place of business was opened in Düsseldorf in 2000.